Sunday, February 15, 2015

Grief and Hope ~ Fourth Miscarriage

Grief is a peculiar thing.
Miscarriage, a fourth one.  It seems almost too much.
I've cried...and wept bitterly.
I've talked it out with my husband.
We've shared moments of sorrow as a family. 
We've shared great conversation, growth opportunities. 
I've analyzed it from every angle...
With no resolution.
I've asked why...
With no answer.
I've blamed myself...
Then reminded myself of Truth.
I've physically suffered...
Then found some much welcome relief.
I've been angry...not at anyone in particular.
I've been hurt by the insensitive things people say and do...
Then chosen to extend the grace that's been given to me.
I've also been thankful for many compassionate, praying friends.
I 've been fearful of the future.
I've been sad for the present.
I've grieved over the past, we all have....
Especially over the child we hoped to adopt.
I've prayed in groans that can't be expressed in words...
And other times in earnest.
I've searched His Word for answers.
And found much consolation.
Then the sunshine came back out...
It's been there all along.
There is hope. There is Jesus.
He is my Light and my Salvation.
He sanctifies and strengthens us in the hard.
He is faithful to those of us who believe.
I've counted my blessings.
I've hugged my treasures on earth.
I've praised the Giver...Who gives and takes away.
I've experienced the peace that passes all comprehension.
I've seen how He uses our circumstances for good,
Although I know I haven't seen it all entirely yet...
And most likely won't this side of heaven.
I trust that God has a plan, although I can't see it all now.
We live in a broken, fallen world...
Where there is pain, tears and death.
But there comes a day when this will end...
And I will meet my four treasures in heaven.
When grief comes, because it will keep coming,
I will keep looking up to the Faithful One.
He is my hope.  He is my joy.
He is my Shield and Defender.
Now I move forward in faith,
Knowing something better is coming.
Enjoying the blessing of Life all around.
I will glory in the One Who is good all the time.
Tomorrow is a new day, full of fresh mercies.
I'm so grateful to know Truth,
To know the One acquainted with our grief.
What would I do without Him?
Are you going through something?
Run, leap, bound toward Him, my friend.
Abide and trust. You won't regret it. 
His love never fails. It heals and restores.
He gives strength for today.
Peace for the past.
Hope for tomorrow.

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