Thursday, February 28, 2013

Be Still My Child: A Lesson About My Father That I Learned Through My Son

He sat there in my arms silently, legs wrapped around my waist.  His arms tucked in warmly under his chest against mine.  His head on my shoulder.  No talking.  No eye contact.  Just cuddling.  I would rub his back or cheek, then stop to hug him tighter. 

Eventually he put his arms around my neck and squeezed.  We couldn't get any closer. His blonde locks in my face, I breathed in his scent. I was  determined to remember every part of it...his smell, his touch, his heart beating against mine.

It doesn't seem that long ago that I held him as a tiny bundle.  Night time feedings and constant care guaranteed plenty of cuddle time.
But it was a rare moment for me and my, now, six year old.  Normally he doesn't have time for such things.  He's a busy little boy.  Very active and always thinking.  He has things to do and see and learn.  No time to be still.  In fact, from the time he began tummy time this child has rarely been still.  A fact that made this time with him even more special. 

We sat there on the couch for ten minutes maybe.  This momma's heart was taking it all in, cherishing every second.  I didn't ask any questions.  I just held him, knowing full well that moments like these will become even less frequent as time continues to press on.

When our cuddle time was over he got up with a sweet smile, kissed and hugged me.  Then, ran off to his next activity.  My heart felt so full.  I was so thankful for the time we had.  Yet, longing for more, more time with the one I love so dearly.  Wishing we could stop time and just be still (and aware) more often.  My heart rejoiced that it was me he wanted to cuddle.

My heart cried out, "Do this more!  Be still more!  Be still, my sweet, precious, little child!"

As I thought about this rare, yet priceless, encounter I began to wonder, "Is this how my Heavenly Father feels when I sit still in His presence?  When I, His beloved child, spends time with him, uninterrupted and undistracted.  Does His heart fill with joy?  Does He celebrate those rare moments when I am simply still and unbusied long enough to sit with Him?

All too often I'm following my own agenda, checking off lists and hurrying about my day.  Even my Bible reading and prayer time can be hurried.  How often do I sit with Him, quiet in body, mind and heart? 

Does He cry out, "Do this more!  Be still more!  Be still, my sweet, precious child!"  I think He does.  But He gets muffled out by the busyness of life.  I think in this quiet moment with my little child, I was still long enough to hear Him.

I sometimes find it hard to be still as a mom of growing little boys.  To see, really see as I should, and cherish this very short and wonderful season of life.  To give undistracted attention to all the details that I want to remember and cherish always.

In much the same way, I sometimes find it hard to be still as a child of the Loving Father.  To see, really see as I should, Him and His goodness.  To give Him the undistracted attention, adoration and praise He deserves always.

The fact is: Hard or not, both are worth my time.

Can you hear Him saying, "Be still, my child!"  Why not make the time to sit with your beloved Father today?
"Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth"
Psalm 46:10
"We are merely moving shadows, and all our busy rushing ends in nothing."
Psalm 39:6
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My busy boy then and now:
So thankful for his him, his love and how God uses him to teach me!
A note he wrote to me this week.  :)
Oh, to cherish this time!


  1. Thank you for such a challenge. It hard to be still most days.

    Mary Anne

  2. Sweet, Rachel. We so need to cherish those moments.


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