Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rise & Shine ~ He did it again!

It's hard to believe it has been a whole week since Rise & Shine Women's Retreat '11!  After a full year of planning and praying, the day came and went.  But, OH, what a day it was!!  

I wish I had the right words to express the praise that is in my heart.  I wish I could tell you just how thankful I am, how faithfully God answered our prayers, how powerfully He worked that day!  I was, once again, blown away by all that took place there.  But, this time it was different for me.  And I can't put words to it yet.

The Rise & Shine Leadership Team with Susie Larson
(Leanne, Tammy, Susie, Judy, Rachel/me. Not pictured: Polly)

I thought I would have time to sit down this week and "hash over" my feelings.  I thought things would slow down a bit once Rise & Shine had passed.  Yeah, not so much!  I must have been in denial. :)  Life is busy (in a good way) and my days are full.  So, today, I sat down with my notes.  I honestly couldn't write fast enough while Susie Larson spoke last Saturday.  I have scribbles everywhere.  So many Holy Spirit filled words of wisdom to take in...and to pray will sink in deep!  The way God spoke through her was absolutely AMAZING!  How do I sum it up?!  I don't know if I can.  Thankful for her!

So, today, I write this blog post to tell you that I don't know what to write!  Sorry to disappoint.  On second thought, pehaps I do have something to write. 

I serve an absolutely AWEsome God!! 

10 praise points (in random order):

1. Susie Larson: absolutely the right speaker for this event!!  One scripturally ground, Holy Spirit filled speaker!  Such a delight to work with her.  She is the real deal!
2. Answered prayers!  Glory, glory, Hallelujah!!  Too many to list!!
3. Twenty to thirty women made a decision to follow Jesus a Christian women's conference, ya'll!! 
4. God gave us a word as we prayed for R&S, emancipation.  I believe that word fit the day very well.  Lives truly were changed and women were set free.  One of my favorite things from the day was praying with women up front.  A powerful time.  Praise the Lord!
5. Hannah Burkle from Rapha House did a great job educating us on sex trafficking and how we can help.  
6. A personal one: I was sick an entire week before R&S.  The night before I coughed and coughed, even kept my husband awake coughing at bedtime.  On the day of R&S, barely any coughing...and I didn't cough at all when I prayed and introduced our speaker.  That's an Ah-mazing answer to prayer! 
7. Fabulous volunteers, including a wonderful worship band that blessed our socks off!  And a production team that got the volume just right!
8. Can anyone say, Scratch Cupcakes?!  Wowsers!
9. Sally Baker wrote (just for Rise & Shine) "Conversations With God", a devotional/prayer journal that we gifted to each woman who attended.  What a terrific way to help women beyond just that one day!  It is so cool to me how God brings so many talented people together to make all of this happen.  I love the Rise & Shine leadership gals!
10. Getting to spend the day with so many (almost 400) of God's girls.  Wow, what a blessing!!

More later.  Now, I will sign off with one last sentence.

All glory and honor to Jesus Christ!!