Monday, October 14, 2013

Sufficient Grace...Even When Road Rage Creeps Up

The driver pulled right out in front of me.  How could she not see me?!  She had to have seen me in the left lane, passing another driver in the right lane, going 65 mph down the highway.  But she came flying across the other two lanes going the opposite direction and then right into my lane.  I had to slam on my brakes.  I mean SLAM.  Out of no where an old habit creeped up.  Something I hadn't done in a long time.  Something that I swore I'd never do again.  Out of complete frustration and anger, I laid on the horn and mumbled under my breath something not loving.

Immediately, I felt guilty.  I remembered the MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) sticker on the back of my van.  The one the car I just passed most likely saw.  The one the driver of the car I just honked at was about to see as she pulled into the right lane and I passed her.  I remembered my witness.  I remembered the God I serve, my desire to represent Him well and the grace He's shown me over and over and over again.

"His grace is sufficient."  It's easy to talk about grace while sitting in the pew or with my Bible open in study.  But what about in real life, everyday situations I this one?  How do I live it out?  It's not just for me, but for everyone.

If the God of all grace lives in me (and He does), He has filled me with His Holy Spirit, and I have no obligation to live in the flesh.  His grace is enough.  His grace can be extended through me, the kind that pardons the guilty and blesses the unworthy.

I am reminded of how much I have been forgiven.  I remember my own shortcomings...even pulling out in front of someone a time or two, and much greater offenses.  I relish His grace and the grace of others when I am at fault.  I am reminded that I don't know the driver's circumstances.  But I know her need for grace.

I can extend His "abundance of grace."  His supply never runs out.  Not for me, not for others.

So I ask for forgiveness again.  I accept His grace and stop beating myself up.  I forgive, extending grace.  I pray for that driver.  And I pray that I will be more gracious the next time road rage seeks to creep in because I'm seeking to live out His grace in real life.  That means keeping my hand off the horn and my heart and mind pure.

How can you extend grace today?  How can  you accept His grace today?  His grace is sufficient!

"The grace of the Lord is poured out on us abundantly."  
I Timothy 1:4

Friday, October 4, 2013

Write. It Matters.

Today I'm joining the Five Minute Friday link up with the prompt "Write".  I will write for 5 minutes flat with no editing.  Here goes...

Write.  It's what I like to do.  It's also one of the things that frustrates me the most.  I promised myself I would do more of it this year.  I want to.  I write in my head all the time.  But time never seems adequate enough to get it down on paper or to sit at a keyboard and let it flow.  

I see the value in writing.  Yet, I have two blogs that I don't write on a enough.  A prayer journal that "should be" fuller.  Letters, emails, blog posts and journal entries that stay in my head.  Things I could write to encourage others and even myself.  Why don't I write more?

Lack of time.  Busyness.  Writers block and fuzzy thoughts some days.  Or maybe I don't write because I'm not disciplined enough.  Or because I'm such a perfectionist that my words never seem good enough.  Maybe it's a combination of these things.

But each time I think I will quit, I'm reminded of something I wrote that stuck (in my heart and mind or someone else's).  Each time I feel overwhelmed and wonder if it matters, someone tells me how much a certain post, handwritten message or email helped them....or compelled them...or encouraged them.  When I start to think that everything else is "more important", I'm reminded (again) that it certainly does matters.  My words matter.  What I write matters.  And it matter Who I'm ultimately writing it for!

Fact: I need to take the time to write.  It's an outlet and a ministry opportunity.   

So I wrote today, here and there.  And I will continue to try to write as He leads, letting go of the rest.

How about you?  Do you write?  Remember, it does matter.

Today I am joining the 5 Minute Friday link up with the prompt "Write".  I wrote for 5 minutes without editing.  To see what others had to say on this subject, click the link above!