Monday, November 16, 2009

Random Rachel

I haven't posted on my blog in a while. Bad, bad blogger!! It's not been for a lack of things to write, rather too much going through my mind to choose just one thing. Yet, my thoughts have been random along with my memory (ha) as I'm expecting our 2nd I haven't chosen something to write about. Am I rambling??

Some of the things I COULD write about...

Pregnancy: My suddenly growing belly. Being in between "regular" clothes and maternity clothes. Feeling the baby move. Hearing it's heartbeat this week at my prenatal checkup. Being exhausted. Still feeling nauteous at 17 weeks. Andrew's sweet outlooks on welcoming a new baby brother or sister.

Being Still. It's been a reoccurring theme throughout my week. It seems everything I read brings it to mind again. I believe God is trying to tell me something!! Wondering why it's so hard for us women to just BE STILL before God. Is it because we're afraid of what He might say to us? Even tonight I opened up my Bible and what did I read? "Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

Being matter what the cost! I read the story of Daniel again a few weeks ago. I started thinking...would I have done what Daniel did? Daniel knew that if he prayed He would be breaking the law of the king and that he would most certainly face a den full of lions...and an excruciatingly painful death. Yet, He chose to do the right thing, obeying The King rather than ungodly human authority! I can just hear my excuses, "But God I have to think of Alan and Andrew. What would they do without me...and besides I'm carrying a baby. You don't want me to put my baby in danger do you? It's not a big deal really. I'll just pray in my mind and no one will get hurt." Daniel didn't do that. He trusted God and because of His love for Him he chose to pray and worship God openly. No matter what the outcome He was better off because he trusted God and did the right matter what anyone else thought of it. Either he would be spared and God would be glorified OR he would die and go immediately into the presence of God. Do I believe and trust like that?! There may be a day in my lifetime that we Christians will have to stand up for what we believe. And we may be persecuted for it. Will I stand in faith (trusting) and do the right matter what?!

Broken Tooth. I had a tooth break off this past Saturday. Not fun! Wondering why I didn't take better care of my teeth. Perhaps if I had maintained them better I wouldn't be having the problems I'm having now. Yet, it seems easy to put these things off and neglect them when things are going well. Then, before you know it you're in a mess. Should have been watching out for the subtle decay. Is there a spiritual application here?! I think so!!

Broken Combine...and long fall season. My husband is a farmer. Today the combine broke down. He didn't get much field work done. This wasn't his plan. In fact, this whole season hasn't gone "as planned." The weather was rainy there for a while. Now, things are taking longer than it seems like they should. The guys were completely done in the field by the end of October last year. Not this year! Yet another reminder that we are not in control! God IS in control! What a great time to put our faith in Him and trust that it will all work out as He sees fit. God is good!!

Oh, I have more...but it's getting late and I need sleep. So, maybe I'll share more random thoughts later. OR maybe I'll try to come up with a post that is a little more "structured." :) Only God knows...and time will tell.

Hugs to my blog friends!

Do not fear anything except the LORD Almighty. He alone is the Holy One. If you fear him, you need fear nothing else. Isaiah 8:13


  1. Hi there Rachel,

    I know that being still is one of the hardest things for me. I'm a fidgeter, externally and internally! LOL But I'm learning. Learning to quiet the racing thoughts and just listen.

    I'm so sorry about your broken tooth AND the broken combine. Good grief. Hope both are fixed ASAP. And I hear you on nothing going as planned. Nothing, it seems, ever goes as planned in my life, either. Guess that's what we get for being planners. ;)

    Praying the nausea passes quickly and your strength returns. It's not easy being exhausted. God's grace to you, my friend.


  2. So glad to hear that belly is growing! A sign of new life. A sign that you will not be still for much longer! Ah, I always loved being pregnant. Those days are waaaay behind me now, lol.

  3. Hi Rachel how are you....well that was a goofy question knowing what I just read:) Anyway, I've been checking in on you and wondered where you went. I can totally relate about the tooth deal. I have a broken tooth as well and need to get it fixed along with an unfinished root-canal that I had done this time last year but never got the final filling done, why? money naturally. I want to make sure the family (hubby and kids) eat up the dental insurance before I do. I want to make sure they're taken care of first. I love reading about being still before the Lord! Oh what a wonderful reminder. I've been finding myself wanting to be with Him more in prayer and being still goes hand in hand I believe. Thanks for updating your blog, I've been blessed by it. Blessings to you my dear blog friend!! ~ Amy

  4. I actually enjoyed the random posts :)

    I loved what you said about God continually bringing up a certain subject, everything you read being about "being still". It always confirms to me that God is speaking when something comes up again and again for a certain period of time. And often times He needs to get my attention and I know exactly how he wants me to apply it.

    Take care of yourself, and take God's advice to be still right now because when you add another little blessing to the everyday swing of things it just might get even tougher :)

    God Bless!


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