Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Attitude

Last week a blizzard visited us here in Northeastern Iowa. Along with it came 10 to 12 inches of snow, bitter cold and 40mph winds. It was a true blizzard with white-out conditions on the roads and major highways being closed due to unsafe travel conditions. Citizens were encouraged to stay in and stay put if at all possible. The picture below doesn’t adequately show the severity of the storm…you can’t see the 40mph winds blowing the snow into drifts, but you get the point.


As usual I heard a lot of complaining about the weather.

Let me be the first to tell ya, I have never been a fan of winter. I never thought I would move north (from Indiana to Iowa). I always dreamed of moving south. I’ve always disliked cold, snow and ice. I’ve always disliked bundling up in coats, mittens, scarves and especially hats. Stocking hats are this curly haired girls enemy! I prefer summer when the weather is warm, sunny and flip-flops get thrown on…or I can go bare footed. I like green grass and blooming flowers. I like tan lines (although I’m so pale that I barely tan) and tank tops.

Although I have a lot of areas to work on when it comes to my attitude, the last couple of years, I have decided to try to make the best of this season we call winter. It may not be my favorite season, but it is a good long (especially long up here in Iowa) portion of my life each year. And honestly I have a good life…one that I know is blessed by the Lord. So, instead of grumbling I have made an effort to stay positive throughout the winter.

I Thessalonians 5:18 instructs us to “Be thankful in all things.” Does this mean I have to be thankful FOR all things? Nope. But this does mean that I should be thankful IN all things. Even winter!

No matter what the weather is doing outside, I know that it is cozy and warm here in my heart and in my home. I can choose to count how many MORE weeks of winter I have to “get through” or focus on how MANY weeks I have already been given...and been blessed.

I can choose to see the beauty in all that white snow on the ground, the snow capped trees and icicles hanging from the barn eaves instead of focusing on the gray sky.

I can choose to look at the winter through the eyes of my child who is thrilled to make snow angels, forts and snowmen instead of focusing on my cold toes and nose when I‘m outside with him. I can be the mom who makes hot cocoa and buttery popcorn to warm up my guys when they come in from sledding instead of focusing on the wet clothes they bring back in with them. It’s really all about ATTITUDE.
Andrew doesn't even mind shoveling snow. :)
But sledding is fun too...
And who can resist homemade hot cocoa afterwards?

I can choose to make the best of winter or I can grumble and complain. Either way, it’s still winter! Either way it will still be cold, snowy, icey and windy and most days the skies will be gray. I might as well go into it with a good attitude...enjoying "blue skies" in my spirit!
Even in the bitter cold we found a way for our little Andrew to have fun in the snow. Last week when the wind chill was 25 below zero and Andrew was “dying” to get out to play in all that fresh snow…we filled the bathtub up with snow. We put on his winter boots and gloves and brought in some sandbox toys.
He had a blast! Just look at that smile...

The snow melted slowly.  He was able to move on to other things, then come back to it several times throughout the day.  By evening the snow had melted...and went down the drain.  Very little clean up involved.  Simple.  Fun.  He will never forget it.

Wish I could take credit for this idea, but it wasn’t mine. The mentor mom as MOPS, Teresa, gave me the idea and I believe she got it from her daughter. I thought it was a great idea…and so did Andrew!  See, you really can make the best of any situation! 

Will I have to do an attitude check several more times this winter? Most likely.  But I plan to choose joy over compaining this winter.  Will you join me?

Let's choose to look for the joy in the moment, friends. To focus on the blessings that surround each of us. To be thankful and praise the One who provided it! I bet we'll be a lot happier...and so will the people around us!!

How we praise God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we belong to Christ.
Ephesians 1:3

Have any fun winter activities we could try?  I'd love to hear!
How is your winter attitude?  Tell me about it.
Leave a comment below.

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Stay warm and thankful bloggy friends!


  1. Hi Rachel,

    First of all, I LOVE your new profile picture. Very nice!

    Guess we're both dealing with attitude stuff lately. I think I'm ALWAYS dealing with attitudes in one way (my kids) or another (me!). LOL

    I just had to hate winter and snow, and I dislike summer, humidity and the boiling hot sun here in Florida. Ugh. At some point in the next few years we're hoping (if the Lord allows) to leave Florida. My husband and I miss the 4 seasons.

    Great pictures, by the way. And I can honestly say I've never heard of putting snow in the bath tub. I can't imagine how you carted all that in. But your little guy sure looks happy in it (and no frostbite!).

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! (Oh my goodness this is a loooong comment!)

  2. I remember reading this back when you first shared it!! My how Andrew has grown!! Thanks for sharing again...always a good reminder! Hope the boys enjoyed the bathtub snow!! Think that would be a chaotic with our crew!!!!


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