Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let's Talk! Tuesday

Random thoughts for Let’s Talk! Tuesday

1. I haven’t taken the time lately to sit down and compose a blog post, so sharing some random thoughts sounds good. I’ve had many blog posts whirling through my head, yet the words never quite seem to make in onto my blog. Hmmmm…maybe someday soon. If I didn’t have to sleep I could get so much more accomplished in a day. :-)

2. Did you know that when a baby is born it has 20/400 vision?  By 3 months old it’s more like 20/50.

3. Last Tuesday we had a Rise & Shine Women’s Retreat team meeting. We took some extra time at the beginning of the meeting to pray together. It was amazing how the meeting flowed, how much we accomplished with the short time we had left after our prayer time. It just goes to show when we give God the time He deserves, He is faithful to multiply the time we have to accomplish our goals, and His!

4. My boys are growing like weeds…very cute weeds!! :-)

5. Maybe it's more appropriate to say they are growing like corn...Andrew (3) and his daddy (my dear husband) planted two rows of corn in his sandbox. They even fertilized it a couple of weeks ago.  :) My little farmer in training...


6. Wonder what my boys will choose to do with their lives…doctors, pastors, chefs, architects, pilots, professional athletes…the possibilities are endless. No matter what they do, I pray they will find their worth in who they are in Christ!

7.  I’ve been thinking lately (scary, I know!), what good is our “faith” if every time something “big” happens in our lives we loose it? That’s not really faith at all. As Christians (Christ followers) what should set us apart from the rest of the world, is the hope and peace we feel and exhibit to others when things don’t go as planned. I’m not talking about being fake. I’m talking about making the choice to praise Him even when life doesn’t make sense. This can be extremely difficult, I know, I’ve been there. Still, we have to keep the bigger picture in mind. Remember His faithfulness, “keep the faith”! God is in control…always has been, always will be! AND we can trust Him…even in unsteady times!
“Let all that you are wait quietly before God, for your hope is in him.”
Psalm 62:5 (emphasis mine)

8. My little Noah (2 1/2 months) laughed out loud for the first time this past week.  Oh, the joy! :-)

(appropriately his shirt says, "Little Sunshine!" :-)

...my heart is filled with joyI burst out
 in songs of thanksgiving. 
Psalm 28:7

 9. Feeling overlooked?  Underestimated?  Insecure?  God told Samuel (in I Samuel 16:7), "Don't judge by appearance or height...The LORD doesn't see things the way you see them.  People judge by outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."  Praise God we are loved, significant and worthy in HIS sight!  Can I get an Amen?!

10. Better get off the internet, Andrew is outside and I can hear running water! Yeah, better go check on that…

Until next time… remember to keep looking UP, friends!! :-)


  1. hi rachel :) thanks for linking up today...i enjoyed reading your randomness! i understand about not having time to put your thoughts into a blog post....much easier to ramble. lol. hopefully i can set myself up on a schedule or routine of some sort :)

    thanks for your encouraging words this morning!


  2. Great thoughts Rachel! Really appreciate number 7 - good reminder for me! Think I needed to read that a week ago!!

  3. How adorable is that little one...Enjoyed your randomness today....getting to know others through a little randomness is sooo good!! :0)


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