Wednesday, July 27, 2011


As my young sons nap, I sit her at my table, now up from my knees beside my bed.  Revealed sin confessed. Tears flow from a newly refreshed heart. 

Forgiven.  Set free.  Renewed in Christ. 

A fresh anointing of His Spirit came like a wave crashing over me, unlike it had in a long time, and I had wondered why.  The barrier now gone.  Tears. 

Then, His words to my heart, "I love you, my daughter.  I love you with an everlasting love...don't forget.  Never let go of that love."  More tears.  Then, overflowing joy!  I still can't stop laughing.  Hands held high to Him. 

Freedom.  Peace.  Unspeakable joy. Change! 

A mile marker in my spiritual walk, no doubt.  His refining work in me.  Still basking in His greatness!  My heart filled with overwhelming thankfulness that He chose me.  That He loves me...always.  That He met me here today.  For the pause.  The moments that time stood still just for me and Him.  Together

More of His words to me, "You are mine.  Yes, you are mine and I am yours."  Oh, thank you, Lord!  All else in this house can wait.  In this moment I bask in Your greatness.  In Who You are - MINE.  In who I am -  YOURS, your beloved daughter!

Joy.  More laughter of joy.  Tears and smiles and praise.

Fresh revelation and a new beginning.  Now, time to turn.


  1. Beautiful. :) Oh, how precious are those moments with Him. Those moments where we humble ourselves before Him, where we confess our absolute and complete need for Him, and where He rushes in to love all over us.

    His love is beyond amazing. Truly.

    Hugs to you, beautiful daughter of the King. :)

  2. Thank you! You have inspired me to take some time for just Him and Him alone. Something He's been calling me to do for a long time, but I sadly have been pushing Him aside. I didn't even realize that's what I was doing until I just typed the words. It's a horrible thing to have to admit. I appreciate you so much, and what He does through you! Never quit - never give up, no matter what!


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