Monday, March 4, 2013

Fun Day Monday: Peppermint Play Dough PLUS Vinegar and Baking Soda Pies

Life In Beranville
 Well, it's another Fun Day Monday!
On Monday's from now on I hope to share about something fun that we've recently done here in Beranville.  Later in the week I hope to share other insights on what God's showing me in the everyday stuff of life.  Here's what I shared on Thursday last week, about a lesson I learned about my Father through my son.  "Be Still, My Child!"
God teaches me just as much through the fun stuff of our days, as He does the serious ones.  So I consider these times just as important.  :)
First let's talk about Homemade Play Dough. You know, there are ump-teen different play dough/playdoh recipes out there, foks!  You can google it.  Everyone's recipe is "the best".  If your kiddo has gluten issues, you can find flourless.  I've tried different ones.
I prefer the no cook method...just add hot water.
Here's the latest recipe I tried:
Play Dough
2 Cups All-Purpose Flour
1 Cup Salt
4 Tbsp Cream of Tarter
2 Tbsp Cooking Oil
2 Cups Boiling water
For Peppermint Play Dough I added:
A few drops of food coloring (we used red) and a
Few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
Life In Beranville
My oldest stirring
Mix first 4 ingredients in a large mixing bowl.
Pour in boiling water.  Add food coloring and peppermint oil.  Stir until mixed.  Let cool
PLAY! :) 
Note: Don't eat.  This play dough smells so good (just like a candy cane) that my littlest guy decided to take a big taste.  His reaction was priceless! 
"Yuck!" Spit. Spit. Spit.  :)
I gave the boys all kinds of "accessories" including wiggly eyes, nuts and washers, stones and pipe cleaners. Simple sensory fun!  :)
They made Monsters!
Life In Beranville
Life In Beranville
Life In Beranville
Life In Beranville
He told me I should "take a picture and put it online" so others can
learn how to create like he does.  Ha!  :)
"Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand."
Isaiah 64:8
Don't forget to store your homemade Peppermint Play Dough in an airtight container (we use Gallon Ziploc bags). 
Another fun thing we did this week was this:
Life IN Beranville
Just look at the smiles on their faces!
I saw a similar idea and thought my boys would love it.  Sure enough, they did!
I switched it up a bit to fit our needs.  Such a simple thing really...but very neat.  It was fun and even educational as we learned what happens when baking soda and vinegar mix.  Note: This could double as a science lesson.
Vinegar and Baking Soda Pies
Here's what you need for 2 children
1 Box of Baking Soda (the cheapest stuff works just fine!)
2 Pie Pans
4 Small Cups filled with Vinegar
Food coloring
2 Medicine Droppers
I divided the box of baking soda between the two pie pans (one for each boy).  Filled 4 small cups (ramekins in our case) with vinegar and added food coloring to each one (in our case, red, yellow, green and blue).  Gave each of them a medicine dropper to suck up the colored vinegar and drop in the pans of baking soda.  This fizzes...E-V-E-R-Y single time.  Pretty cool!
Life In Beranville
After a while the baking soda started getting rather "gunking".  But it still fizzed every time they added vinegar to it.  And they still found it fascinating...and fun.
Life In Beranville
Life In Beranville
I just love their creativity and zest for trying new things!
Life In Beranville
At the end they thought it was fun to pour what was left in the cups into the pie pan. It fizzed like crazy. 
Yep, it was a little on the messy side.  But it cleaned up easily.
I watch my boys and the way they find joy in the simplest things. Oh, to be more like them!
I have everything in the world to celebrate!
"You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand."  Psalm 16:11
What kind of activities do/did your kids love?  We're always looking for new ideas.

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  1. Stopping by to say Hi - it's been awhile since I've been blogging but I'm trying to get back into connecting with my blogging friends. This looks like you had a wonderful time and such great advice - don't eat the play dough :) Blessings to you!! ♥ Amy


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