Friday, October 4, 2013

Write. It Matters.

Today I'm joining the Five Minute Friday link up with the prompt "Write".  I will write for 5 minutes flat with no editing.  Here goes...

Write.  It's what I like to do.  It's also one of the things that frustrates me the most.  I promised myself I would do more of it this year.  I want to.  I write in my head all the time.  But time never seems adequate enough to get it down on paper or to sit at a keyboard and let it flow.  

I see the value in writing.  Yet, I have two blogs that I don't write on a enough.  A prayer journal that "should be" fuller.  Letters, emails, blog posts and journal entries that stay in my head.  Things I could write to encourage others and even myself.  Why don't I write more?

Lack of time.  Busyness.  Writers block and fuzzy thoughts some days.  Or maybe I don't write because I'm not disciplined enough.  Or because I'm such a perfectionist that my words never seem good enough.  Maybe it's a combination of these things.

But each time I think I will quit, I'm reminded of something I wrote that stuck (in my heart and mind or someone else's).  Each time I feel overwhelmed and wonder if it matters, someone tells me how much a certain post, handwritten message or email helped them....or compelled them...or encouraged them.  When I start to think that everything else is "more important", I'm reminded (again) that it certainly does matters.  My words matter.  What I write matters.  And it matter Who I'm ultimately writing it for!

Fact: I need to take the time to write.  It's an outlet and a ministry opportunity.   

So I wrote today, here and there.  And I will continue to try to write as He leads, letting go of the rest.

How about you?  Do you write?  Remember, it does matter.

Today I am joining the 5 Minute Friday link up with the prompt "Write".  I wrote for 5 minutes without editing.  To see what others had to say on this subject, click the link above!


  1. Just do it. I think we get caught up in the "it has to be wonderful" trap.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story and for stopping by Being Stepmom to say hi. I too, "promised myself I would do more of it this year." We both got this post done and that is a start! xoxo


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