Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why Haven't I Written?

Some time has passed since I posted last.  Why?

Well, the good LORD's been doing some things in me.  He's been doing some refining, sculpting and downright cleansing.  He's been speaking.  I've been listening.  Being still.  And being still includes being quiet.  Focused.  It's been a sweet time...that I'm not sure I want to see end.

So excited to share with others some of the "stuff" He's been doing here in Beranville...in me, in my family, in my life.  He's doing a "new thing" or two or three.  Changes on the horizon.

When I return I hope to have words to share from this time.  Until He directs me further, I will remain quiet.  Waiting and learning.  Hoping to emerge with fresh insight.  I will share when I'm certain it is Him giving me the go ahead. 

Stay tuned... 


  1. Looking forward to what you have to say and thankful for the front seat view to see all God will do!! Your obedience and desire to live out God's plan encourage me! Thanks Rachel!

  2. I'm kinda going thru something similar!! It's exciting and I can relate to your feelings.


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