Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Every Detail

Last Friday my oldest little guy (6) and I planned a day of yard sale going fun! Not only do we share a love of bargain shopping, I knew we would enjoy some one on one mommy and son time.  In a local small town they have an annual citywide sale.  This year it consisted of 137 yard sales...all in one small town (sorry had to repeat that)!  Perfect for us bargain scroungers.  :)

There were two things on Andrew's list of "must finds".  1. A bigger wagon  2. A bigger bike (he has outgrown the 10" one he bought last summer).

We got to town.  We went to a few sales.  We found nothing.  Not one thing.

We went to one more yard sale.  There was a wagon...just the kind he wanted!!  Just as we reached the end of the driveway another person pulled off the tag and paid for it.  Ugh!

We were a bit discouraged.  Andrew picked up some egg cartons out of a "freebie" box.  He said, "Well, at least now we can't say we didn't find anything." :)

Andrew said he needed to go to the bathroom.  So we trecked across town to the nearest bathroom that didn't have a long line (Note: All those ladies in one town = a long line at every gas station bathroom!!).

When we got back in the vehicle Andrew said in a discouraged and somewhat doubtful tone, "Mom, I really hoped we'd find a bike and a wagon today."  I'm not always so good, but this time I got it right and recognized a teachable moment.  I said, "Andrew, it just may not be God's will for you to find those things today.  Then again, it might be.  If we don't find them today, it's because God has something better for you somewhere else for another day.  But let's just pray about it."

So, right there in the vehicle, as we were driving down the street (on the opposite side of town from where we were before) I said a simple prayer (eyes open of course!).  I said something like, "Dear Lord, you know Andrew would really like to find a wagon and a bigger bike today.  Will you just guide our way, show us where to go to find what you want us to find.  If we don't find a wagon or a bike today we will know it's okay because it just wasn't your will for us today and that something else will work out later.  But just guide us the way you want us to go.  And we will give you the glory either way.  In Jesus name, Amen."

I drove one block.  I could have turned right or left.  I went straight.  Another 1/2 block.  There was an orangey red 12" boys bike!  I said, "Andrew!  Look!"  He said, "Let's hurry up and get over there before someone else gets it!"  :)

We parked.  Ran up to the yard sale.  Looked at the bike.  It was marked FIVE DOLLARS!  I seriously went up to the man running the sale and said, "What does this tag say?"  He said with a smile, "I believe it says five dollars."  I said with a smile, "I believe we'll take it."  :)  Andrew pulled out his own $10 bill, handed it to the man and was thrilled to get change back.

Andrew pushed (it had flat tires so he couldn't ride it quite yet) his "new" five dollar bike to the van , skipping and smiling the whole way!  I exclaimed, "Andrew, God answered our prayer!  Not only did he give you a bike, He gave you a bike for only five dollars!!  God is soooo good!!"  Andrew beamed!

We saw several other bikes as we continued to yard sale that day, but not another one for five dollars!

There are people who believe God isn't interested in these "little" details of our lives (note: it wasn't so little to Andrew).  There are even people who think we shouldn't "bother" God with such minute details of our days when there are others who's needs are so much greater than ours.  I believe those people are so wrong.  We humans tend to think from such human perspective.

I believe it delights God when we pray about everything and anything that's important to us.  Philippians 4:6 tells us to "Don't worry about anything.  Pray about everything."  I believe that means just what it says.  Everything.

He is NOT a God of limited power or ability!  
There's no way we can exhaust His resources!  
He is not limited in how many prayers He can hear or ones He can answer.  
HE   IS  GOD  !!  
His ways are so above and beyond our ways.  
He most certainly does care for His creation, His children, His beloved

The LORD directs the steps of the godly.
He delights in every detail of their lives.
Psalm 37:23

I believe every detail means every detail!

He worked out the details...from a bathroom break that took us to the opposite side of choosing to go straight rather than left or this bike only being five bucks!  He knows all the details.

That day I knew God answered our prayer, that He directed our path to just the right bike for Andrew.  And he knew it too!  We prayed a prayer of thanksgiving together.  I could see faith rising up (even more) in my little boy as He saw how God answered our prayed.   Truly, it wasn't as much about a bike as it was about God showing His faithfulness to us, especially my growing 6 year old.  Neither of us will ever forget!

Throughout the rest of the day (as I became anxious about this or that) my Andrew reminded me two or three times, "Mom, God has a plan!"  Yes, He does, little buddy.  Yes. He. Does.  :)

Thank you again, dear LORD, for revealing your glory, power, loving care and attention to detail to us, even in the midst of such an ordinary, yard sale going day.  May Andrew and I (and those we tell this story to) always remember to pray about everything!  You are so good and simply amazing, Lord!  We give YOU glory!  In Jesus' precious name, Amen.

"You don't have what you want because you don't ask God for it.  And even when you ask, you don't get it because your motives are wrong - you want only what will give you pleasure."  James 4-2b, 3

We replaced a pedal and pumped up the tires.  Then Andrew broke in his "new" bike and got it dirty!

Maybe someday, we will find a bigger wagon.  Maybe not.  We're okay either way knowing God has a plan.  :)

Never be afraid to ask God for what you want.  
He cares.  He hears.  He answers.
Just remember to accept how He answers (what He gives you),
believing He has your BEST in mind!


  1. What an encouraging testimony, and what a lesson in faith for your son! Love this! and 137 yard sales in one day?? I'm jealous! ;) I haven't yard saled YET this year, but am hoping to get out soon!

  2. Tonight at bedtime Andrew prayed, "LORD, I'd really like a trampoline if it's your will. But I'm okay either way." :) :) :)

  3. Enjoyed hearing you tell this story at MOPS and reading it again here. Always good to be reminded that He cares about every detail...encourages me to do the same; especially with my little people! Thanks!

  4. What a great lesson. Loved reading this! Great post! :)

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