Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Won't Forget

I remember vividly. 
How could I ever forget? 
It's been almost a year
Since we lost our baby Faith. 

We heard her heartbeat,
But never held her tiny body. 
She went straight into the arms of Jesus. 
Is there a better place? 

Still we cried.
We longed to hold her,
To smell her baby scent,
To know our daughter.
Did she look like our boys? 
Would she have curls like her mommy?
Piercing blue eyes like daddy's? 
Would her giggle be infectious?

I imagine her perfect and beautiful,
No flaw or failure. 
And she is perfect,
Completely whole in Heaven. 

One day I will see her face to face. 
I will hold her tight.
I will kiss her cheek
And look into her eyes.

Until then, He holds her safely, lovingly,
Better than I ever could. 
I feel secure in that. 
My heart peace-filled.
Our baby Faith taught us so much about faith. 
What faith is and how to apply it.
Not because we're good,
But because He is!

Oh, to remember,
To really remember.
To praise Him for His goodness.
To put faith into practice.

We will trust even when we don't understand,
Which is most the time.
And that's okay because He is faithful and trustworthy.
He has good plans for us.

All His promises hold true.
There is purpose in the pain.
He holds her (and the two others) in Heaven.
He holds us here too.

Do I believe it?
I do believe.  Do you?
That's faith.
It fills a soul with hope.

Praising God today for both Faith and faith!

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  1. Such wonderful words Rachel!! So much Truth and encouragement...thankful to share this journey with you! Praying for you today!!

  2. Thank you for sharing such a difficult time in your life, Rachel. Knowing that God is good and that you will be reunited someday makes it easier to bear.

  3. This is beautiful! You can rejoice that one day you will be with her forever, that you haven't lost her forever, but you get a "see you later". :) This touched me as well as I've lost two babies as well. It is never easy and triggers bring up birthdays and due dates and holidays...but then I (try to) turn those moments to joy to remember that all is not lost, and God is with them now. My heart reaches out to you in this!!

  4. Rachel...your testimony I am sure is giving encouragement to others in ways never fully known...that is just one thing amazing about grace.! Nancy Guthrie has a devotional book called "Book of Hope" and for reasons I will not put forth here I believe you would enjoy very much......check it out.....and thank you for sharing.

  5. <3
    I have a friend who lost her daughter soon after giving birth. They named her Grace. I look forward to the Day of the happy reunions and the erasing of pain...but also delight now in how God's people endure in hope and trust for That Day. That He gets glory in our pain because of His beautiful goodness and love.
    God bless you Rachel!


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